Warranty Offering


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Warranty Offering

In a business environment, the PC as a tool of trade may be used for income generating activity, for ordering and communication with customers and suppliers, or for managing the business financial health, accounts and record keeping. Certainly, the majority of businesses cannot afford to be without essential tools any more than an airline without a booking system, banks without ATMs or a shop without a cash drawer.


Ensuring Uptime

Business operators typically require equipment investments to last more than 12 months. Unlike a retail consumer, who may be happy enough to replace a faulty home PC, games console or mobile phone and buy the latest model after 12 months, the business operator is more concerned with business continuity. Any loss of business continuity increases risk of lost productivity and dissatisfied customers, not to mention the extra unwanted effort to continuously research, purchase, migrate and set up replacement equipment.

Firstly, from a tax deduction viewpoint it is normally advantageous, in certain situations, to operate small office equipment over a three year depreciation schedule. Secondly, whilst a Consumer warranty service level may be acceptable to a home buyer without PC entertainment or social networking for a period of one or more weeks, this is normally a serious disruption to business continuity.


Types of Support

Every day and every hour without PC functionality is a lost opportunity or lost customer you may never get back.Acer therefore offers not only different warranty periods, but also three different warranty service levels to suit your risk management profile.


The lowest cost option with the PC needing repair returned to a central workshop, undergoing repair within five business days of receipt before return to the owner. This lowest cost option is suitable for home use where the PC is primarily for entertainment, personal shopping, hobbies or keeping in touch with friends and family.

Being without a PC during repair time is an inconvenience, but may under certain circumstances lead to no real harm or damage. Mail-in may also be considered for businesses with a large enough fleet of PCs that a spare unit can be called upon or reallocated.


The mid-level option with a service technician attending to PC repair at the business premises within five business days. This medium option is suitable for time poor businesses who prefer not having to pack, send away and unpack PCs, but in meantime are able to work on other tasks or have a large enough fleet of PCs that a spare unit can be called upon or reallocated. On-site may also be considered for businesses that prefer not to send away commercially confidential or personally sensitive information contained in the PC needing repair.

Next Business Day On-Site

The top priority option with a service technician attending to PC repair within 1-2 business days. This priority option is suitable for businesses dependent on the PC to perform key tasks without which business productivity is impacted. Maximum uptime and minimum downtime is the mantra for these high velocity businesses.

Warranty duration and quality of service level can be likened to insurance or roadside assistance. Well-designed, built and cared for Acer Commercial grade PCs greatly reduce the likelihood of needing service or warranty attention, but cannot eliminate all probability any more than cyclone-proof building codes or premium prestige motor cars mean you'll never need help.

You do not need assistance until something goes wrong, but when it does, you will either be thankful you had the foresight to be prepared or despondent that you did not. From a risk management perspective, if the probability of PC failure is low because Acer equipment is well-designed and well-built, but the impact is high if something goes wrong because the PC is your electronic business partner, then wisdom points towards outsourcing the risk. This is what good warranty and service capability is all about.