SMB Store

  • Notebooks come in a wide range of sizes and prices depending on the features and performance you need. Some Notebooks have added security features and some are built for travel and others are great for everyday mobility.

    Why a Notebook?
    > Wide range of options to fit any budget
    > Most notebooks have detachable batteries
    > Various screen sizes from 11.6" to 15.6"
    > Many have internal optical drives

  • Acer tablets are the ultimate in mobility, with a wide range of screen sizes and models spanning everyday use to performance computing. Running Windows 8, a tablet allows better collaboration, sharing and entertainment in one simple device.

    Why a Tablet?
    > Extreme mobility
    > Models to suit any budget
    > Screen sizes from 8 to 11.6 inch
    > Power of a notebook, portability of a tablet

  • Chrome device use web applications and online storage, and do not require traditional installation or antivirus programs. They typically boot in a few seconds and offer great battery performance.

    Why a Chrome Device?
    > Google Services integration
    > Low cost entry computing
    > Web-surfing and Cloud computing
    > Versatile productivity tool

  • Desktop systems come in a variety of specifications designed to meet the needs of any environment, whether it is business or home, big or small. Some desktops come as a complete package known as All-in-One, while others can be customised with a monitor of a preferred size.

    Why a Desktop?
    > High performance
    > Configurations to suit all needs
    > Sturdy and reliable
    > Comfortable to use

  • Acer offers a world’s best range of high quality displays to suit all requirements. The product line-up includes industry leading professional CAD and publishing displays to reliable and cost effective display for the budget conscious buyer.

  • Acer offers a wide range of Data Projectors, from the high end boardroom projector to a small portable projector, and everything in between.

  • Adding a server to your business can be an overwhelming task. Acer provides simple solutions for a number of different scenarios spanning client device back-up, file and print solutions and database hosting.

  • Everything from a range of carry bags to an external DVD Burner, spare A/C adapter for your notebook to docking solutions.