Corporate Sustainability


Leading Corporate Sustainability


Working Together for a Sustainable Environment

As a multinational enterprise, Acer fully understands that sustainable development can be carried out successfully only with the cooperation of stakeholders of all kinds. We hope to exercise our influence as an ICT industry leader and help the industry enhance its ability to effectively handle the issue of sustainability.

Acer commits to:

  • • Supporting global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and adopting a solid climate policy framework.

  • • Meeting worldwide standards for labor and human rights by ensuring that our supply chain adheres to theElectronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) Code of Conduct.

  • • Adopting a precautionary principle by not only complying with regulations, but innovating greener designs and methods throughout the product lifecycle. Especially serious attention is paid to the use of chemical substances and developing energy-efficient technologies.

Supply Chain Management

To create a sustainable environment, Acer demands that its suppliers comply with the local regulations where they have business presence and follow the EICC (Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition) Code of Conduct. Acer’s suppliers must ensure that upstream suppliers comply with the Code as well. Acer suppliers must also exercise due diligence based on recognized standards for the source and chain of custody of conflict materials such as tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold. Acer collaborates with third-party auditors for onsite auditing.

Green Product Design

Acer’s product designs not only take into consideration users’ needs, but also ways to reduce environmental loading from the outset of production. Environmentally friendly design can be divided into three categories: materials, energy efficiency, and recycling. Acer’s Green Product Policy covers the following:

  • • Product lifecycle: Acer delivers quality products that are energy - and resource-efficient, low in pollutants and hazardous substances, and easy to recycle.

  • • Green purchasing and communication with suppliers: Acer has established a green supply chain that is thoroughly in line with international environmental trends, such as responsible sourcing of minerals and capitalizing on lowcarbon business opportunities.

Acer uses materials responsibly to produce eco-conscious products that follow HSF (Hazardous Substance Free) best practices. We comply with all regulatory standards concerning particular chemical substances. Acer also goes above and beyond in terms of energy efficiency by meeting many voluntary standards put forth by environmentally focused organizations. What’s more, Acer employs design principles that emphasize modularization and make our products easy to dismantle and recycle.

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