About Acer




A Brief History

In 1976, Stan Shih and several of his friends founded Multi-tech International with a $25,000 investment. From designing handheld electronic games, the firm expanded into the distribution of imported semiconductors. Multi-tech established a corporate culture based on the founders’ firm belief in “the goodness of human nature”, exemplified by offering stock to all employees. In the 35 years since, Acer has evolved from a manufacturing powerhouse to a globally recognised computer brand, marketing world class IT products and services.

Acer in Australia

Acer was established in Australia in 1990. It has 300 employees throughout the Oceanic region and has grown to become Australia’s No. 1 Portable PC vendor*. We are also the last multinational PC vendor to have a wholly owned assembly plant in Australia. We strive to be the most effective IT organisation in the region delivering innovative products and services within our range of desktop and notebook PCs, tablet computers, servers, storage systems, display units and peripherals.


Service Excellence

Customer Centricity: Our Business Model

At Acer, we place customers at the centre of our business and surround ourselves with dedicated, quality partners. This gives our customers the speed, choice and flexibility that makes doing business with us easy.

Customer Service Centre

At Acer we manage the full end-to-end service, and our call centre is designed to ensure time and inconvenience is minimised. We have dedicated customer service professionals who are trained to understand customer issues and empowered to resolve it.

Our Customers Define Us

Acer is committed to the long term satisfaction of our customers and enjoys a strong customer base ranging from large organisations and federal government departments to business and home users. Having supported them for many years, we still continue to listen to what’s most important to them by continually updating and improving our products and services.




 Customer Service Excellence





Logistics Excellence


Local Assembly Plant


Acer’s local assembly facility allows it to dispatch customised products suited to the changing demands of any business. Acer also has strong relationships with suppliers throughout the world. This ensures we receive priority on stock, helping us more quickly and efficiently meeting the needs of customers.

Warehouse Solutions

Acer’s Warehouse team strives to ensure any deployment project meets your time frame and business needs. With storage services available for customers, Acer can develop a shipment plan to the most detailed or simplest logistical requirements.

National Repair Network

Acer provides field service engineers in all major cities across Australia and New Zealand to help resolve technical issues. Acer is also highly capable in supporting regional customers through our network of Acer Authorised Service Providers located in the Oceanic region.

Repair Centre

Acer has a purpose built centralised repair facility in Sydney with the latest diagnostic technology that enables us to repair right down to the component level. While many of our competitors outsource this part of their business, at Acer we believe the best solution for our customers is to use genuine Acer resources.


Enduring Quality

Research and Development

Acer invests heavily into conducting quality research and development across a variety of technologies to be used in all products. Continued improvements in reliability, usability and functionality help to drive for a better class of products.

Hinge Testing

Hinge testing is an integral part of quality assurance with Acer. Testing hinges through thousands of cycles ensures a reliable product which will retain the same motions from new to when you decides to replace your system.

Scratch Resistant Keyboard

Acer keyboards are protected with a scratch resistant coating tested to endure the strains of everyday use. Scratch resistant keyboards give you peace of mind to know that even after years of use, your keyboard will still look and feel brand new.

Drop Testing

Testing for system stability with free-drop tests helps to identify any areas of vulnerability, allowing Acer to strengthen and improve product design to give you a longer lasting product.

Shock and Vibration Tests

By passing Acer notebooks through rigorous tests, Acer has developed winning products capable of withstanding everyday use. We replicate day-to-day shocks and vibrations through extensive testing to build a stronger and more reliable product.



Weight and Pressure Testing

Weight and pressure testing has led the way to a new class of products that are capable of handling extreme pressures. These tests provide insightful information used to develop stronger range of notebooks which are built to last.

Environmental Testing

It is important to know that Acer performs wide-ranging environmental tests for both extremes in temperature and humidity. This testing ensures that Acer notebooks, desktops and servers will operate regardless of location and condition.



 Environmental Care


Environmental Care

Green Design and Technology

Acer’s local facility assembles, tests and packages its products without using toxic chemicals or pollutants. Designed to save energy, all Acer devices carry the Energy Star label and come with Acer’s power management software to maximise energy efficiency. In addition, Acer pioneered screwless assembly methods for PCs, making them easier to disassemble and recycle.

Product Stewardship

Acer is committed to the collection and recycling of electronic waste. Our industry leading Product Stewardship program vigorously complies with the Product Stewardship Act 2011 and incorporates participation in the ANZRP product stewardship arrangement. We aim to increase the amount of electronic waste recycled from 30% to 80% within the next ten years.

* IDC Asia/Pacific Quarterly PC Tracker, Q4 2011, February 2012